The following is a list of accounts which are banned from participation at this site. This list is provided for transparency in administrative account activity.

Temporarily Banned Accounts
No temporary bans currently exist.

Permanently Banned Accounts
Banned UserBan DateBanned ByBan Reason
illcommandanteThu Oct 9 7:16:31 GMT StaffRepeatedly posting libelous material and patent nonsense
Simon PeterTue Aug 5 5:20:20 GMT StaffBlatant, repeated trolling surrounding the death of a member.
ScarSun Mar 9 20:51:31 GMT 2014kgassoRepeatedly harassing members; temporary ban evasion
Yeshuah HamashiachMon Jul 9 2:25:07 GMT 2012kgassoRepeatedly divulging other members' personal information and continually posting threats towards other members
Steve PickeringFri Jun 29 2:49:19 GMT 2012kgassoBan evasion; originally banned userid "Steve_Pickering"
Vis4VMon Oct 3 3:09:29 GMT 2011kgassoThreats and intimidation directed towards the site staff
salamusSun Jun 13 11:36:37 GMT 2010kgassoThreats and intimidation directed towards the site staff
Steve_PickeringMon Sep 21 14:36:22 GMT 2009kgassoThreatening legal action against the site staff for enforcing site rules