Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did my post or thread disappear?
  • If reported by multiple users, it may have been automatically hidden pending staff review. If found to be appropriate, it will be returned to the site. If you quoted/replied to a post which violated the rules, it may have been removed during clean-up.
  • What type of information can be posted about members?
  • We respect our members right to post anonymously, should they choose to. You cannot post any personal, private, or privileged information about members - or information which leads to another's identity. This includes, but is NOT LIMITED TO: links to social networking profiles, nicknames, usernames from other sites, photographs, addresses, phone numbers, published works, etc.
  • What type of information can be posted about individuals in general?
  • You should not post or solicit personal, private, or privileged information about anyone. Should you wish to post a public, professional contact link for individuals who are acting in some official capacity (government, corporate, etc.) then you may do so provided you are not inciting harassment of the individual(s).
  • Do the site rules apply to Private Messages?
  • Yes, rules apply to any and all communication facilitated by this website, including PMs and emails sent via the site - to the extend which they can be enforced. If something in a PM or email is not reported, it will likely not be acted upon.
  • How do I change my username?
  • Please read this post which details the process for and caveats to username changes.
  • How do I remove my account/delete my post history?
  • Please review this post for information on how to request account retirement. We do not remove post history upon account retirement.
  • Why are older topics locked?
  • We automatically lock older topics to prevent them from being revived (necroposting) unnecessarily by inexperienced users or spambots.
  • What's with the ads?
  • They pay the bills for hosting the site (on most months). In the end, it allows the site to be mostly self-sustaining financially. We try to ensure that ads are kept unobtrusive and work-appropriate, but if you see one that's particularly annoying, please PM a staff member and let them know.


This document was last updated on October 13, 2013