Site-Wide Rules

The following rules have been established in order to protect the privacy, safety, and security of our members.

All are welcome to join this site and participate within the restrictions of the Site Terms of Service and the Site-Wide Rules outlined below. Violating the site Terms of Service or Site-Wide Rules may result in suspension or revocation of your posting privileges or membership.

Content Guidelines
  1. Privacy: Don't divulge or solicit personal, private, or privileged information about people. Don't post private correspondence. Don't post any information that can be used to identify a member without their permission.
  2. Hateful or harassing content: Don't post content which is hateful or insulting of a group based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits. Do not post messages which are threatening, harassing, or intimidating towards another person. Do not post threats of litigation or legal action.
  3. Illegal material: Don't post illegal material or encourage illicit behavior. This includes libelous content and copyrighted content. Use proper attribution when exercising fair use to legally share excerpts of copyrighted content.
  4. Work safe: Don't post content that is excessively profane, violent, or sexual. If it contains incidental nudity or violence (e.g. art photos/video, news photos/videos, etc.), EXPLICITLY label it as NSFW and create a link to the content.
  5. Disruptive content: Do not post content that is disruptive to the usage or design of the site. Don't post unsolicited advertising links (spam), disruptive text or images, patent nonsense, automatically playing videos, unnecessary bumping of threads, deliberate derailing of topics, content which is difficult to decipher or read (e.g. ALL CAPS, conflicting color codes, Unicode trickery, etc.), or deliberate repeating/reposting of content.
  6. Trolling: Don't consistently post with the intent to cause negative reactions, to anger others, or to intentionally mislead or confuse. Don't abuse the quoting, editing, and reporting features through means such as false attribution, modifying context, and false or retalitory reporting.
  7. Accounts: As a member in good standing, you are permitted to have one active account. Members who have been banned are not permitted to create new accounts for the duration of their ban. Do not share your login credentials, as you are responsible for any and all activity that occurs with your account. If you'd like to retire your account, or to leave your old account make a clean start with a new account, contact the site staff.
  8. Names/Avatars: Your account name and avatar are a form of personalization, but they are not a method of advertising, politicking, proselytizing, or debate. They must always be work safe and non-disruptive.

  • Violations may elicit a warning or temporary suspension of offending accounts, at the discretion of the acting staff member.
  • Chronic offenders or those evading existing suspensions may be permanently banned.
  • Threatening or intimidating the site or staff, including legal threats, is grounds for a permanent ban.

Reporting Problems
  • If you are a member in good standing, log into your account and click on the "Report" button in the post or private message footer. Do not reply to or quote/re-post the message.
  • If you are not a member, please contact the site staff via the abuse contact listed on this page. Be sure to include a link to the post in question.
  • If you have received messages which are threatening in nature and you believe you may be in any sort of danger, we also urge you to contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.


This document was last updated on November 11, 2013