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The 'Republican Convention 2012' Song - Scrapper - 08-28-2012

RE: The 'Republican Convention 2012' Song - Chris - 08-28-2012

"Rape is bad, but at least someone gets to be a dad".


The Republican platform of being anti-abortion without exception even for rape or incest, is indefensible!

Paul Ryan now says "hey, this is the Romney/Ryan ticket, so my views don't matter". Yeah, it's not as if the VP has ever become president before!

Paul Ryan is one of the most radically social conservatives in the House of Representatives, and he will be a heartbeat away from being president if Romney is elected! That is the real reason so many arch conservatives are now excited.

Be afraid. Be very afraid if you are a woman. The Romney/Ryan team wants to control all aspects of your vagina, including deciding what health care is available for you; after all, you are just women.

RE: The 'Republican Convention 2012' Song - Clone - 08-28-2012

I never realized how many states allow a rapist to be awarded parental rights, even visitation.

That's crazy shit.