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Its still here - tvguy - 05-15-2023

Laughing Laughing Laughing  I'm still alive

RE: Its still here - Cuzz - 05-16-2023

So you say.

RE: Its still here - Juniper - 05-18-2023

Let me check. I'll let you all know.

RE: Its still here - GPnative - 05-24-2023

I was starting to wonder!

Its still here - Scrapper - 05-27-2023

I'm here... every now & then.

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RE: Its still here - Cuzz - 08-20-2023

Russia launched a rocket at the moon.... and they hit it!!

Now someone just needs to let them know there aren't any civilians on the moon so it was a waste of a rocket.

RE: Its still here - BeerMe - 10-17-2023

Doesn’t look like I’ve missed much

RE: Its still here - Scrapper - 11-28-2023

I hope y'all had a nice Thanksgiving... all 2 of y'all that stop in.  Razz

RE: Its still here - tvguy - 12-20-2023

It's still here LOL Too bad it's deserted. yesterday I was going to buy an order of french fries at Burger King.
They wanted $3.39 so I passed I mean WTF???
Anyway I thought about asking if anyone else knew this and why and wondered about this place that's dead and gone

RE: Its still here - Cuzz - 12-25-2023


RE: Its still here - Juniper - 01-01-2024

I miss the forum.