Guns Guns Guns and more Guns... Everything that's Guns!
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(07-10-2019, 10:19 PM)Juniper Wrote: I was on a different forum and this post was made. It said it was from "gunpowder magazine" and was part of the culture war on guns.

Sounds kind a BS to  me, but in general, I am adverse to giving too much personal information to anyone who is seeking it, including doctors unless it is necessary.  I don't feel that everything I do, including how many drinks I may have in a week or whether or not I smoke MJ needs to be shared.

It's possible there is some truth to it. I wonder how many pediatricians have asked families to get rid of their swimming pools? More children drown than are killed by guns.
And a swimming pool will never protect a family from harm where as a gun possibly will.

Shit... we raised three kids (and half the neighborhood kids) with a pool and lots of guns at our house. No one died.

I just don't like the data collecting. Because everything is so connected shows up years later.  I can't think of a specific example but I know it's happened to me before, so now, no matter what the question is, I usually just give the one I think is the most "appropriate" one. The one they want to hear.

Who is asking? Laughing Laughing Laughing

Oh, doctors, insurance, employers, people who don't need to know. FB is a little dicey like that.  I have to be careful. I pull a lot of punches because I know my employers are often on the same pages I am.

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