Is he a hero or a zero? 17 year old with rifle
(11-21-2021, 08:48 AM)Scrapper Wrote:
(11-20-2021, 05:51 PM)tvguy Wrote:
(11-20-2021, 12:38 PM)Cuzz Wrote: I've been wondering, if the third shooting victim, the one with the handgun, if he'd shot and killed the kid with the AR could he have used the same self defense argument to justify his actions? So, isn't the self defense laws in this case just legal cover for whoever wins in a gun fight regardless of who instigates the events?

   I don't see it as you.

 Grosskreutz was chasing Kyle Rittenhouse with a gun in his hand .KR fell and had already been attacked by some fool who tried to bash him in the head with a skateboard a (deadly weapon) and KR defended himself and killed the fool.
Then G caught up and pointed his gun directly at KR. How was KR supposed to know if G was going to shoot or not shoot? KR assumed he was about to be shot.

So in your scenario you call what happened a "gun fight regardless of who instigates the events"
What I saw was several people who were chasing KR and trying to hurt him. Not a gunfight.

 If  anyone instigated the events it was Rosenbaum .......

 "Rosenbaum was also the focal point of controversy because of his behavior on the night of the shooting; numerous witnesses, even for the prosecution, described Rosenbaum as belligerent and getting into disagreements that night as well as being involved in an arson fire in a dumpster."

He is the one who instigated or put in to motion everything that took place. He was the one who threw something at KR , who chased KR. 

He had no business being there. The child should have stayed home. The child should not have had access to an AR-15. As a responsible gun owner... including an AR-15... IMO, no child should have unsupervised access to guns. And as a mother, IMO, his mother failed him.

This all would have been avoided if he child would have stayed home.

2 lives wouldn't have been lost.

I have no doubt that he will kill again. 

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Your logic is based completely on feelings and hypotheticals. The same could be said for EVERYTHING that ever happens.

Well, if John Wilkes Booth had just stayed home. If Baby Jessica had just stayed in the house.

You can oppose the choices made, but he had every right to be there and in a court of law he was found innocent of the charges. The people he shot would be alive if THEY stayed home, ffs.

And if he kills again it will also be in self defense when some revenge seeking jackal tries attacking him.

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