Anyone use this app?  I've been giving it a try...mostly because I'm tired of FB and there's not much here.  I have mixed feelings about it. I like that it's local.  And it's tamer than FB. Less angst and nastiness, though it does seep in.  An awful lot of it is rather inane, but sometimes a good topic comes up. I haven't exactly figured out how to use it efficiently, because it seems to want to limit me to a five-block area around my home, but slowly, as I use it more, some other stuff seems to come up.  Specifically, the recent murder on the Greenway and people getting very antsy as the weather warms up about the homeless and transients on the Greenway and fire anxiety.  But I've noticed after threads start to get pretty active they get turned off...I don't know if that's a function of NextDoor itself, or if it's the original poster shutting it down.  Kind of frustrating.  Finding decent places to discuss anything local is a frustrating proposition to be sure.  Anyway, just wondering if anyone uses this and finds it useful beyond who's got a gardener to recommend?

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