Where is this Haze Coming From?

The smoke obscuring the hills surrounding the Rogue Valley today is likely caused by massive fires burning in Russia, weather officials said.
The smoke is traveling across the Pacific Ocean and pushing into the Rogue Valley, according to Marc Spilde, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.
"The winds are carrying the smoke all the way across the Pacific," Spilde said.

The Global Times is reporting that thousands of acres in eastern Russia are burning, sending up massive plumes of smoke that are blowing eastward.
Spilde said the fires have been burning for some time and the smoke has been hovering over the Pacific for several days
When the wind blows in from the west, this smoke seeps into the Rogue Valley.

"When it comes in, it doesn't stay around very long," Spilde said.
It's difficult to gauge when the smoke will enter the area because a think layer of clouds hangs above the ocean, making it hard to see the smoke, Spilde said.
There are no fires nearby in western Oregon or Northern California, Spilde said.
"The closest fires are in the eastern side of the state," Spilde said
The smoke form eastern Oregon won't enter the valley because the wind is blowing from west to east, Spilde said.

Spilde added that the smoke should thin out in the coming days.

Fire in northern Cali. Newswatch 12 said particulate is fine, no breathing issues.
The wind is travelling from West to East.
They are watching the smoke move over the Pacific Ocean.
Ponders bong
(07-27-2012, 07:49 PM)tvguy Wrote: Ponders bong

Russian firefighters have been battling wildfires for months. More than 30 wildfires were burning today (July 10, 2012) in far eastern Russia, according to NASA. Greenpeace says more land in Russia has already burned in 2012 than in 2010, a year that intense wildfires affected western Russia. Here’s an image from NASA’s Terra satellite, of wildfires burning yesterday.

[Image: wildfire_Russia_7-9-2012_NASA_Terra.jpeg]

Smoke from large wildfires in Siberia is often lofted high enough into the atmosphere that winds push plumes of it across the Pacific Ocean to North America, NASA says. Significant amounts of smoke arrived in British Columbia in Canada this week, according to CBC News.

Bottom line: NASA’s Terra satellite captured this image of wildfires burning in eastern Russia (Siberia) yesterday (July 9, 2012). NASA says more than 30 wildfires are burning in Russia today (July 10).

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