Run-in with a porcupine
I don't see porcupines around like I used to. Porcupine quills in a dog used to be a common sight when I was younger:

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Ouch: Veterinarians say Bella Mae, a three-year-old Oklahoma bulldog, had 500 quills embedded in her face after a run-in with a porcupine

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The veterinarian who led the procedure said he had never seen a pet so badly attacked by a porcupine

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Bella May remains on antibiotics because of the quills remain embedded in her skin, where veterinarians could not dig them out.
Awe... that poor puppy-dawg! Sad
(08-28-2012, 12:55 PM)Clone Wrote: Ouch.

Way beyond sad! This might just be one pup who decides to stay inside from now on.
A stupid dog is one who keeps doing it over and over again. I used to know someone with dobermans like that. He got to where he would always take care of it himself. He had a chain he hooked up to their collars, fastened them into a vise on his workbench so they were standing on their hind legs alone, and pulled them out one at a time with a pair of visegrips. It was miserable to watch.
So it's not some kind of pine tree
Quote:The veterinarian who led the procedure said he had never seen a pet so badly attacked by a porcupine

I'm pretty sure the vet is mistaken. I'm pretty sure the attack was from the dog not the porkypine. And I'm willing to bet this dumbass hardheaded dog kept going back for more.
He might even have been heard saying.

"Thank you sir may I have another" Razz

I once had a friend who had a dog too stupid to learn to leave the porkys alone. My friend always used Channel Locks to pull out the quills.
I was so funny. If you wanted to make his do growl all you had to do was show him some channel lock pliersLaughingLaughing

I think you are wrong Wonk about this dog staying inside. I think he may care more about his instincts than pain.
I've trained dogs to stay out of metal garbage cans by hooking them up to an electric fence charger - it only takes a couple of times to train an intelligent dog to stay out of the garbage for life, with the advantage they don't blame it on you either.

After one such dog training episode, I was telling this to a friend who said he had the same problem with his dog too, so he borrowed my equipment. His dog wasn't so smart though. Although he learned to quit getting in the garbage cans, for the rest of his life he growled at garbage cans when he walked by, too. Smiling

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