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Quote:It's the Star Wars Trilogy like you've never heard it before! Join voice actors Billy West, Tara Strong, Maurice LaMarche, John DiMaggio, Kevin Conroy, Jess Harnell and Rob Paulsen as they re-create the magic of the Star Wars films, albeit in their own special way! You never know what you'll hear when this cast gets together.

On March 31st, 2012 some of the greatest voice talent on the planet descended on the Emerald City Comicon to give you one of the greatest, most outrageous readings of Star Wars you will ever hear! Moderated by Jeff Zannini.

Scene / Character / Actor Listing by knetic491

0:05:28 - start of narration

0:07:04 - first set
Darth vader = bubbles (tara strong)
stormtrooper = pinky (rob paulsen)
captain = adam west (jess harnell)
leia = jake the dog (dimaggio)

0:09:38 - second set
c3p0 = shatner (maurice)
r2d2 = walken (harnell)

0:13:32 - third set
owen = stimpy (billy)
buru = ironhide (harnell)
luke = toot (tara)
c3po = george takei (paulsen)

0:18:33 - fourth set
c3p0 = my haney (rob paulsen)
luke = bender (dimaggio)
leia = J Leno (billy west)
r2d2 = morbo (maurice)

0:22:08 - fifth set
luke = walken (paulsen)
r2d2 = ozzy (harnell)
c3po = johnny carson (dimaggio)
leia = vincent price (maurice)

0:26:13 - sixth set
r2d2 = bill cosby (harnell)
c3po = fry (billy)
buru = twilight sparkle (tara)
luke = pinky (paulsen)
leia = the brain (maurice)

0:29:41 - seventh set
owen = aquaman (dimaggio)
c3po = raven (tara)
luke = zoidberg (billy)

0:34:38 - eigth set
raider = carl wheezer (paulsen)
r2d2 = marlin (billy)
luke = captain hero (harnell)
c3p0 = dudley moore (maurice)
obi wan = tracey morgan (dimaggio)

0:40:05 - ninth set
luke = professor (billy)
leia = rosey perez (tara)
obi-won = cartman (harnell)

0:46:04 - tenth set
tag = yakko (paulsen)
moddie = wakko (harnell)
tarkin = calculon (maruice)
stormtropper = bender (dimaggio)
luke = kramer (maurice)
vader = clara (tara)
obi-wan = porky pig (billy)

0:55:30 - eleventh set
obi-wan = inspector gadget (maurice)
luke = rodney dangerfield (harnell)
han solo = poof (tara)
c3p0 = mark chang (paulsen)
bartender = george costanza (maurice)
dr. avizian = paul lynd (dimaggio)
alien/greedo = tony soprano (billy west)

1:02:34 - twelfth set
c3p0 = baby dill (tara)
luke = jake the dog (dimaggio)
han = kiff (maurice)
obi-wan = rafael (paulsen)

1:06:23 - thirteenth set
leia = bender (dimaggio)
tag = bear (harnell)
tarkin = timmy turner (tara)
vader = yosemite sam (maurice)

1:11:37 - final scene
luke = shatner (maurice)
obi-wan = tracey morgan (dimaggio)
han solo = walken (paulsen)
c3p0 = zap brannigan (billy west)
r2d2 = harley quinn (tara)
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Sorry posted in wrong thread.
Sorry posted in wrong thread.
I guess someone doesn't get the whole "NO POLITICS Best of Facebook" thing, eh?!?!
Don't make me PONDER over her stompings!!!
Thanks, BZ
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(10-12-2012, 02:32 PM)Clone Wrote: [Image: 548810_357945400959871_756969734_n.jpg]

Stolen and reposted on FB. Big Grin

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