Wife poisoned husband's tuna sandwich
Quote:At lunchtime, he started to eat the sandwich but noticed it had an aspirin aftertaste. His wife texted him: "are you eating your tuna fish sandwich?"

.....Beth calls her stepsister and she's rather gleeful about the fact that she has poisoned her husband with an antidepressant,"

....When detectives confronted Richards about the incident, they said she admitted she had attempted to poison her husband by crushing up multiple Trazodone pills and putting them in a tuna sandwich.

"She had crushed up eight antidepressants, placed them in the sandwich and sent him off to work," Judd said. "Well, she said if that wasn't enough to cause him to have an accident and kill him, she still had 10 more pills that she planned to put in his dinner meal."

...Greg Richards said the couple has been married almost 13 years and they have a 13-year-old son, but he says now the marriage is over.

They say that gay marriage will destroy traditional marriage...

Apparently, antidepressants will do the job first.
How much is the therapeutic dose? Maybe she only wanted him to take his medicine? Smiling
My wife always had some fun medicines around the house, but I'm not a tuna fish fan

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