Christmas Tree
For those of you who put up a tree, have you taken it down yet? We always leave ours up until New Year's Day, or thereabouts. My daughter took hers down already. Anybody else? I'm not sick of it yet. By next Tuesday, I will be. Two weeks is about my max.

Howz about youz?
We took our tree down the day after Christmas, but we left the other stuff up. The tree took up way too much room in our living room.
No tree. Just a garland with white lights and candles and someone gave me a wreath.
I'll probably put the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree back in his box this weekend..if it doesn't fall apart.
New years or right after is my limit. I don't want it drying out too much. Of course it's artificial but hey, you just can't be too careful.Big Grin
I'm procrastinating, I've still haven't set mine up yet.
I can imagine you celebrate a different kind of Christmas anyway.

[Image: Chicken-Claus-w-presents-e1293316209129.jpg]
I have always preferred to put my tree up only 2 days before or even Christmas Eve. It's really magical for the kids to wake up to Santa's gifts under a sparkling fragrant tree.

Then it would get left up until January 7th, it comes from my German background somehow. It has to do with Jan 7th being the day after Epiphany. Or the day the wise men made it to the manger. I'm not sure.

Now I just enjoy everyone else's. Smiling
Thought they were the same thing.
I went to Grade School with a Jewish kid named Joe Tenenbaum. We always thought it quite humorous to sing that Christmas carol with his name in it.
Then he became a high powered lawyer. The World works in mysterious ways.
(12-29-2012, 07:49 PM)Tiamat Wrote: Thought they were the same thing.

I honestly don't was the tradition in our family but I have never known or I have forgotten why.

I don't even know what Epiphany's the day the wise men came to worship?

All I know is that it's on January 6th...I was thinking it maybe had something to do with leaving the tree up. Confused
I thought an epiphany was when a great idea or realization occurred to you.
(12-29-2012, 08:06 PM)PonderThis Wrote: I thought an epiphany was when a great idea or realization occurred to you.

it is...the meaning changes when you capitalie the e
Yes, the Epiphany will be celebrated on January 6th (for 2013). It celebrates the visit of the three kings or wise men to the Christ Child, signifying the extension of salvation to the Gentiles.
We took ours down yesterday- largely because it had totally dried out and have giant pile of tinder in the living room makes me nervous. With the artificial one we'd usually take it down New Year weekend give or take.
Using the Fireproofing Solution for your Christmas Tree

1. Once you get home with your new tree, get a saw and IMMEDIATELY make a fresh cut at the base of the tree trunk. This is mandatory for any tree you’ve bought. Make your cut about an inch above the bottom of the trunk.
2. Next, you’ll need a place to store your tree for a few days before taking it into your home, as it takes a few days for the preservative mentioned in the next step to fully saturate the tree. An ideal place would be the carport/garage or possible a balcony for apartment dwellers.
3. Immediately after making your cut from the bottom of the tree, mix the homemade preservative as follows:
* Into a 2-gallon (or 1-gallon jugs) bucket, add HOT WATER from the kitchen tap. Fill the bucket to within an inch or so of the top, then add the following ingredients:
* …2 cups of Karo syrup
* …2 ounces of liquid chlorine bleach
* …2 pinches of Epsom salt
* …½ teaspoon of Boraxo
* …1 teaspoon of chelated iron (pronounced KEY-lated)
* Stir these ingredients thoroughly in the bucket(s); then IMMEDIATELY stand the trunk of the tree in this solution. Leave the tree in the solution containers for a day of two until you’re ready to take it indoors and decorate it.
4. After taking the tree indoors, make sure to put it in a stand with a water reservoir at the bottom. Once the tree is secured in its “final resting place”, get the bucket containing your preservative and FILL THE RESERVOIR IN THE TREE STAND TO THE TOP.
5. Last but not least, EVERY DAY, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, MAKE SURE THE RESERVOIR IS KEPT FILLED TO THE TOP WITH THE PRESERVATIVE SOLUTION That’s all there is to it. If you follow these steps faithfully, you will have a completely FIREPROOFED Christmas Tree to enjoy throughout the holidays.And, for those inquisitive minds, here’s an explanation of why and how it works.

The Karo syrup provides the SUGAR, and it is only in the presence of sugar that tremendous amounts of water will be taken up by the exposed tissue at the base of the trunk. Without the sugar, only the smallest amount of water will be absorbed. However, in the presence of sugar, you can expect more than 1½ gallons of the solution to be absorbed by the tree during a 10-14 day period.

But there’s more. Thanks to the boron you have supplied (in the Boraxo), the water and sugar will be moved to every needle and branch of the tree. Remember, boron is what makes sugar move, not only in trees, but vegetables, fruits and even houseplants.

Then, there’s the Epsom salt and the chelated iron. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, and magnesium (together with iron) is the center molecules in the process we know as chlorophyll production. By making the magnesium and iron available to the tree, you’re assuring yourself of green needles, even if the tree was not sprayed at the tree farm before being shipped to the market.

But what about the chlorine bleach? Chlorine stops a mold from forming when water and sugar stand for any period of time. Here, the chlorine stops the mold from forming in the bucket and the reservoir of the tree stand where your preservative sits.

Dry Christmas Tree


1. Your tree will be SOAKING WET with water. In fact, at least 800% more water than when the tree was growing in the forest! This in turn prevents the tree from becoming a fire hazard.
2. No needles will drop, no matter what variety of evergreen you choose to display in your home. At the same time, the tree will give off a fragrance like that which you’ve sensed while walking through a forest of evergreens of strolling through the Christmas tree lot.
3. Finally, make the test yourself. When the holidays are over and the tree is taken down and moved outdoors, cut one of the branches off. Move away from the tree and try to light the branch with a match. IT WON’T BURN!!! So, take the time to fireproof your live evergreen tree this Christmas and enjoy a safe holiday!!!
I didn't know that about boron and making the sugar move.
Boron has anti-fungal qualities as well. Too much boron is toxic to plants, and causes symptoms like burned edges to the leaves.
Got all the stuff in the house put away yesterday. Put away a lot of the things from the outside yesterday. But was hoping to climb up on the roof and get the rest of the lights down, but it is raining today with wind we will not be doing it today. Maybe tomorrow.
Wow, a plethora of responses.

That recipe for a fireproof Christmas Tree sounds a bit complicated but probably worth trying, at least. I think. Eek!

We shampooed all our rugs and carpet yesterday and the place looks good. Tomorrow I'll haul all the boxes out of the closet and start putting away the Christmas paraphernalia, including the tree. I hope to get one or two more years out of it. Anybody here have a fake tree for a long time? How long before they give out?

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