Tokyo Awarded 2020 Summer Olympics
I'm a bit shocked they chose Tokyo over Istanbul and Madrid mainly because of the lack of energy due to the nuclear power phase-out. The fear of contamination is a big problem and will most likely affect the world attendance, but Turkey isn't as safe as Japan and Madrid is broke. I'd pass on all three. Big Grin

Tokyo, which promoted its bid as the reliable choice at a time of global political and economic uncertainty, had been on the defensive in the final days of the campaign because of mounting concerns over the leak of radioactive water from the tsunami-crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

In the final presentation before the vote, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gave the IOC assurances the Fukushima leak wasn't a threat to Tokyo and took personal responsibility for keeping the games safe.
Just pretend nothing is wrong, and everything will be OK.
Funny how this one turned out.

(RIP Ponder)

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