Software upgrade: 4/19/2015
We've initiated an upgrade to the forum software that powers this site (MyBB). An upgrade was necessary as a preventative measure to fix a couple of security issues which could compromise accounts as well as the entire site.

As part of this, we elected to jump to the latest version of the software offered, version 1.8 (we're upgrading from version 1.6).  This is a fairly major upgrade that is causing some issues with site plug-ins and visual themes, but also offers to replace several of our plug-ins with built-in functionality (making upgrades in the future much easier).

Some things you may notice:
  • Visual styles are broken. We're still working out the bugs, which will involve re-skinning the site to a modified version of the default MyBB theme.
  • The "full" editor has changed - it now displays in a manner similar to how the post will appear (WYSIWYG).
  • Popups in the editor are now overlays (more cross-browser compatible)
Things we're still working on:
  • Anti-spam. Kam needs to get his plugin working in this new version, so until then we might see a few more spammers than usual.
  • Image scale-down is broken, we're looking into this
  • The "Tapatalk" mobile app hasn't been tested yet, will work on this as well.
Thank you for your time and effort! 

Just curious, does Kam still make "The Staff" where those funny uniforms with the goofy flamingo hat?  Razz

[Image: tom-dwan-19775.jpg]
What goofy hat??
In using Tapatalk right now... I haven't noticed any changes. Seems to be working normally.

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