Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III
(10-30-2018, 08:47 PM)Valuesize Wrote:
(10-30-2018, 10:49 AM)Valuesize Wrote: The Special Counsel's office was made aware of a scheme to pay off women to make up sexual harassment claims against Mueller. It has referred the scheme to the FBI. 

STORY:  https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/arc...ce=twitter

This is probably another one of Trump's personal wacko schemes. Jacob Wohl is the key person in this saga, but hardly mentioned so far. He has known Trump many years though I'm sure the Liar in Chief will say he doesn't know him as per usual. You may remember the name from a few years back as the young hedge fund kid that got himself in over his head, legally speaking.


[Image: DqyXsJGWkAARvHQ.jpg]

Jacob is at it again.  Sad

[Image: X2Ot3Bhr_bigger.jpg]Michael AvenattiVerified account @MichaelAvenatti 2h2 hours ago

Jacob Wohl - you continue to make false accusations against me to try & destroy my life. You are now claiming I have been charged with a felony when I have not been charged with anything. I promise that you will soon learn the hard way that you are not as smart as you think.
Happy Mueller Friday.  Big Grin

Mueller and SDNY prosecutors detail Michael Cohen's cooperation

Mueller outlines Manafort's  "crimes and lies" that led to the cancellation of his cooperation agreement

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