ABC “News” killed Epstein/Clinton blockbuster
and they wonder why the mainstream media is dead.  All the are is a propaganda arm of the democrats.  Their mission is to protect, not expose.

This should enrage everyone, but it won’t

Scoop: ABC News Execs Have Identified Former Employee Who Accessed Amy Robach Hot-Mic Footage, Sources Say
ABC News executives believe they know the identity of the former employee who accessed footage of anchor Amy Robach expressing frustration that her story about convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had been shelved.
Two sources with knowledge of the situation tell me that ABC News executives know who the former employee is but don’t know if that person leaked the footage to Project Veritas, the right-wing activist group, or if they shared it with others who leaked the footage.
What ABC News executives do know is that the former employee is now working at CBS News, the sources said. I’m told that ABC News executives have informed their counterparts at CBS News that this person accessed the footage of Robach. It’s unclear if CBS News plans on taking any action against the employee.
In a statement, a spokesperson for ABC News told me, “We take violations of company policy very seriously, and we’re pursuing all avenues to determine the source of the leak.”
In an email, a CBS News spokesperson declined to comment

So instead of reporting that ABC killed the Epstein story to protect BJ Clinton and Prince Andrew, CBS has just fired the leaker.

And all you all phony’s remain silent because you don’t care about the truth.  If the truth points at your idols you remain silent.  You are no better than the Fake News outlets.  Good little lemmings.

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