We have a medical dictatorship
Quote:Federal prosecutors in Oregon are pursuing their first case of alleged coronavirus fraud: Authorities this month intercepted a shipment of 100 unauthorized COVID-19 test kits sent from China to a Portland man, they say.

The man who ordered the package of kits, at 50 cents each,

Quote:The only way now to get a test for the new coronavirus is through a health care provider. There is no authorized home test kit. The FDA has acknowledged that a home test kit would be useful and is working with companies to develop one.

But the Portland man who bought these kits online from China isn’t a licensed medical doctor, registered nurse or nurse practitioner or a licensed pharmacist and has no authority to use or sell them,

Now lets talk about socialized medicine. The reason health care is not affordable, is the monopoly on medicine created by the federal government.
The government should pay...
or get out of the way.
So many layers of failure its upsetting and maddening all in one.
I don't dare look at blood with my microscope.
The swat team would descend upon me.

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