Hunter Killed by Elk
Quote:On Saturday, August 29, 2020 Mark David (66) from Hillsboro was archery hunting on private property in the area of Trask Road E in Tillamook, OR.  David wounded a 5X5 bull elk but was unable to locate it before dark. 
David and the landowner attempted to find the wounded bull on the morning of Sunday, August 30, 2020 at approximately 9:15 A.M., David located the bull and attempted to kill it with his bow.  The elk charged David and gored him in the neck with its antlers.  The landowner attempted to help David but he sustained fatal injuries and died. 
The elk was killed and the meat was donated to the Tillamook County Jail following the investigation.

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I knew when I saw this the anti hunting crowd would pretty much claim a victory. And on Facebook they didn't let me down.
 Equating a human life lost to a dumb animal to be some kind of justice takes a pretty weak mind.

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