My nephew has covid
As well as his wife. He is 57 years old and a fire fighter /emt in Columbus Ohio . He posted about it and several of his friends also fire fighters also have covid and said as much on his thread.
He is in to his third day staying home quarantined and so far other than head aches and not being able to taste food he is doing ok.
Ohio is being hit really hard.
One of my friends in Portland has it. She's been down 9 days... fever, headache, horrible body aches, cough that won't quit. She's my age early 60's.

One of the guys that handles radio advertising for my husband was diagnosed Friday before last and died on Monday. He was also in his early 60's.

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I hope everyone makes a full recovery, odds would say they will, hopefully they are on the right side of those odds.
I wish for his health and recovery. I've been in quarantine since the 5th because I was directly exposed. Interestingly, at first the State was in daily contact with me monitoring me. They even hand delivered a thermometer to my house. But by the weekend, they told me they would no longer be keeping up the daily monitoring because of the rise in cases and exposures and I guess that means they are too overwhelmed to continue doing so.
Where were you directly exposed?
(11-17-2020, 10:58 AM)bbqboy Wrote: Where were you directly exposed?

At my job.
I am sorry. Do you get paid for being quarantined or do you have to file unemployment?

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