Twitter me this
Elon Musk bought twitter!

Oh wait, I didn't care about twitter before, and I still don't!

Really, just a throwaway topic to see if anyone is checking on around here.

carry on
Agreed. Never been, don't plan on joining. Not sure what the big deal is.
Yeah, just thought he might have overpaid a bit, but it's his money I guess.
Besides, wouldn't people using twitter be called twits? Kind of easily explains itself.
I don't know why people worry about it. Or for that matter I don't know what anyone has against Musk. Or any other super rich people like Bill Gates.
I am a bit confused by one thing...

Until just very recently weren't conservatives quite animated about repealing Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. That's the one that was to protect free speech on social network platforms.

Now I'm hearing a lot of cheering coming from the same quarters because Musk is supposedly going to unleash free speech on twitter.

Talk about whiplash.   Laughing Laughing

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