HOWTO: Deactivating your account
If you have decided to end your membership with the website, you have a couple of options for deactivating your forum account:
  • You can simply abandon your account and not log in.
  • You can request that your account (and username) be retired.

Please note that we neither delete accounts in full nor remove all user posts; doing so causes several issues, including allowing the account name to be re-registered maliciously, breaking user-based post searching, and altering the context of existing conversations.

If you decide to have your account retired, an administrator will do the following for you:
  • Disable all PMs and board emails
  • Clear your profile fields
  • Clear your forum signature
  • Remove your forum avatar
  • Change your title (which appears below your name in all posts) to show that the account is no longer in use

To retire your forum account, please click here and send a PM to one of the forum moderators asking that your account be disabled

If you decide to abandon your account, you may wish to modify your settings to disable PMs and/or emails from the forum system.

Thank you!

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