HOWTO: Changing your forum username
Your username is both your public identity as well as the sign-on for your account. If you have decided to change your account username, you should be aware of a couple of caveats to this:
  • If you have your account information saved in your browser (to automatically log you in), you will need to update it or remove the old username. Most browsers will automatically prompt you upon your next login.
  • All posts and messages made by you will be updated with the new username.
  • Old quotes referencing you will NOT be updated retroactively.
  • Username changes are a matter of public record. If you wish to change identities and not have it traced back to your old account, please PM a moderator asking that your old account be retired.

All of your settings will follow you to the new username, including your friends and ignore lists.

Please do not request username changes for the following reasons:
  • As part of a fad, craze, or temporary statement
  • As an attempt to subvert other users' ignore lists
  • As an impersonation or mockery of another forum user

As username changes are a manual process for site administration and can cause confusion to other site members, each member is permitted two username changes per calendar year.

Your newly selected username must adhere to the forum software's limitations for usernames, be at least 3 but no more than 30 characters long, and not use any special characters (such as ', ", %, &, #, etc.) Additionally, your new username must conform to all forum rules regarding acceptable content.

To change your forum account's username, please click here and send a PM to one of the forum moderators asking that your account username be changed. Please be sure to include your new username EXACTLY as you would like it to appear, including desired capitalization.

Thank you!

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