What is a law enforcement and DMCA takedown notice and are these common?
This was mentioned in another thread posted today from kgasso, titled FAQ.

Inquiring minds are intrigued by this statement. How many times has this occurred, say, in the history of the RVF?

EDIT: An internet search reveals DMCA to mean Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and I see a "takedown notice" is the form copyright owners use if they think you're violating copyright laws. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Mil...own_Notice

OK, I guess I can understand that. It still would be interesting from a curiosity angle to know how often that really happens in real life, if ever, or if that's more just a routine posting for possible events that might someday occur.

The law enforcement angle is what sounds more intriguing, however. I presume that would be local, but possibly from higher levels as well?
The takedown notice thing has happened a few times. Thus far, there's been no law enforcement contact regarding this site (but on other sites I've run, it has come up and there always seems to be a huge issue of "we couldn't figure out how to contact you").
OK, so in other words it's a FAQ answer to a question that doesn't really get asked very often. Smiling
The DMCA one seems to happen in waves, and I have to remind those sending them that they need to be in a particular format. True, the LE one always has to be a preemptive thing.

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