Tequila Commercial Directed to Women
Plenty of companies attempt to woo women with grating promises of "fairy tale" marriages, "minimized pores," and fragrances that will produce smoldering stares from any man in a 10-foot radius (thanks for that one, Axe). Though the Sauza commercial inevitably plays on stereotypes (women like men in uniform! women like kittens! women have tech issues they can't solve themselves! women chatter endlessly about jeggings and whether they are pants!), it's exaggerated enough -- in the vein of Mr. Peanut's "manly" ads that recently came out or Isaiah Mustafa's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" brilliant Old Spice commercial -- that the spot makes fun of those clich├ęs more than it reinforces them.

Truthfully, I think many women would take a clever monologue that includes references to kitten CPR, antiquing and the dangers of high heels -- not to mention an actually useful margarita recipe -- over more generic female-centric ads any day. Plus, how can you resist the kitten in a beret?!

I'm not alone on this -- Jezebel's Dodai Stewart expressed a similar view:

Sometimes when the marketing geniuses in advertising try to tap into the female psyche, they get it all wrong. But sometimes it's so spot on that it's like they've been reading your diary ... It sucks to be so predictable, I loathe being a foregone conclusion, but GAH I love this.

At the end of the ad, the rescue worker of our dreams looks straight at the camera and says: "Don't call me a hero -- just call me; let me know what's up." Sauza fireman, I'd call you any day -- as long as you ditch the phrase "ladies night."

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I don't know why, but somehow this reminds me of a story I heard the other day. My friend Chad was telling me about an older woman he knows that has two bathrooms in her mobile home, one with a sunken bathtub. She tells how she never uses that tub anymore, because the last time she did she got stuck in the tub and couldn't get out. You guessed it, in her desperation she was forced to holler for help from the construction workers who happened to be working outside right next door.

The highlight of her life, apparently... Smiling
I don't know why it reminded you either...but that's part of your charm. Wink
The handsome young men just waiting to rescue you, the poor helpless women. I thought it was obvious. Smiling
(04-25-2012, 06:15 PM)PonderThis Wrote: The handsome young men just waiting to rescue you, the poor helpless women. I thought it was obvious. Smiling


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